Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January Quilt Block Challenge - DONE!

No, I didn't forget to post this.  I've had it done for about a week now.

Most important this week - I had to send my oldest off to the National Guard - Army basic training - a very traumatic time for me, even though all thru his life I threatened to send him to military school!  I miss him dearly even though we've had drama at times and he is so messy! No communication is the worst!

Anywho.... I had to see some sun so I could take a decent picture for you.  The challenge is with my dear friend Deb in Ohello.  She already did her post here (I'm such a slacker!)

So here is the square for January.
And now onto February's square here....

And to my delight, opening a large bag in my basement wanna be of a studio, I FOUND APRIL'S SQUARE!!!  This bugger was so hard to find.  Every set online was missing it so it must have been a hot item back in 1997! LOL!!

Stay tuned - more postings of fun stuff to come!

Thanks for stopping by.

Ciao Friends!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

I love your block! Congrats on getting it done...this is a fun challenge. Glad you found April's block, too.

I do hope you hear from your son soon...that WOULD be the worst to not hear a thing. They've probably got him way too busy to even think about anything but basic training.

Hang in there!