Monday, January 19, 2015

A Sneak Peek Part 1

And another thing going on in January is the start of A Swap For All Seasons 2015 4 x 6 mini samplers quilt banner pieces.  I signed up cause I loved quilting way back when and this gets me started small back into the comfort zone.  It is an invite only swap so we know we have a great bunch to swap with.  Linda's swaps never disappoint!

So now for the sneak peek.  My partner seems like she is into bright, bold colors, but while getting some inspiration at the local Goodwill (because of my limited fabric supply) I thought...she will be getting this the end of January so why not Valentine's.  It must have been my day!  I found special pieces, brought them home, cut them up, and sewed till the cows came home.....more like when it was time for dinner!

I also got a jean skirt and small jeans to make a purse.  That's another day another story but it stood right out and said BUY ME!  (so I did!)

Here is a bit of what it will look like....
he he...I'm so bad!  It definitely looks better in person.  Now, I just have to add a little "bling" and off to the Post Office it will go.

Hope you enojy your banner piece Sherry!

Thanks for stopping by friends....stay tuned for part 2 after Sherry receives it!



Debbie said...

Your partner is a very lucky woman, Bev...and it's such fun to have you sewing this year...I started again a couple of years ago & now I can't stop. I can't wait to see how your banner turns out...mine is out for mail pick up today...yea!

Andrea said...

ooooh... I can't wait to see what you do. :D I dusted off my machine over Christmas.