Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blink - Now it's JANUARY!

Yep, JANUARY!  I guess I haven't had much to say till now.  But if you were guessing what's up, then yes, you're's time for new projects.

Well, the whole month of December no snow....then January and here is the cold and SNOW!  I missed it but then again I didn't.  Go figure.  I've always liked shoveling the stuff but not driving in it.  The worst is ICE.  But what to do on those "Snow" days....well....

My "O-hell-O" friend Debbie and I are going to do a quilt square monthly challenge!  Here's her post. That's right, it will be a challenge for me for sure.  I haven't quilted in since 1997 or so!  So cleaning out some crafting stuff and came across several sets of JoAnn Fabric's quilt of the month squares. I had 3 sets!  So, knowing Deb is into quilting these days, I sent her a set for her birthday and I will have my own set to work on.  This will make the playing field a little more fair.

So, here is the quilt I will be making.  I will be starting with January's block and do them in order.  Deb may be mixing her's up a bit as she is a non-conformist and I love it!
What a better block to start with - the FRIENDSHIP STAR!  I will be hand sewing these and hand quilting when I finish.  I think that machine quilting is "cheating" and love how women used to do this work back in the day - by hand.  It is such a statement to do it by hand and I love the old look of hand sewing.  My hands might not like this idea but I will give it my all! (I may need to "cheat" now and again but I won't tell!)

Wish me luck!  Posting of the finished quilt square is due by the end of the stay tuned, I'm almost done with square #1!

Thanks for stopping by.

Ciao Friends!


Debbie said...

Your quilt squares are way cool, Bev...I love all those stars. I haven't done any more on my first block, so it sounds like you're ahead of me! Still lots of time before the end of the month.

Thanks for the fun challenge!

Createology said...

Merely checking in to see Banners for ASFAS January swap. Looks like you and Debbie will be quilting this year. Creative Bliss...

Bev said...

Sorry Ms. Sherry but post won't occur until after you receive your banner. Need to stitch it up and add some bling. It will definitely be different! LOL!

Peggy said...

Wow--that's a challenge! Beautiful design. Enjoy!