Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2015 Swap - Mini Sampler January

I finally have a minute to post about the swap I've joined with A Swap for all Seasons.  January's swaps have arrived so now it's time to post about them.

First the swap I received from Lorraine.  It is so soft looking with a lot of lace sewn together.  So my style!  Thank you so much Lorraine!
And this is the mini sampler I sent to my partner Sherry.  I know that she likes bold colors so I went bold!  I also thought that she was going to receive this before St. Valentine's Day so why not make a Valentine sampler.  So, because I don't have that much in my stash, I thought the next best thing is to RECYCLE!  I went to the local Goodwill and voila!  There I found some toddler clothes that would do the trick.  So I turned these.....
Into this awesome sampler!

I had to pull out the sewing machine - then I broke it and had to get a new one - and start sewing again!  I love this swap!  I was able to find some charms in my stash to add and as I sewn the hearts on, they left hearts on the back.  The black with large red polka dots are on the back and it made a great addition.  This turned out way cooler than I imagined!  Sherry said she loved it too!
Sherry loved the Valentine theme, she and I both thought alike.  She is my partner for February and she already sent my sampler - Valentine theme - of course!  I can't show it until the end of the month.  Sorry.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today.  Hope to see you soon!

Ciao Friends!


Debbie said...

Very cool swap banners...both the one you received & the one you made to send to Sherry. I'm loving this swap...and hopefully we'll be partners for it one of these months.

donnajean said...

Great Bev! Love the way you reused kids clothes....not much says love more than little ones.

Linda said...

Such a perfect sampler for Sherry! Such a great idea to use thrifted clothing for the fabric- I always browse through the fabric (and there often isn't a big selection in the thrift store), but didn't even think about browsing through the clothes for fabric. Brilliant! The sampler you received from Lorraine is gorgeous! Love it all.

May said...

Gorgeous sampler.... Bev I sent you an email but I got notice back to say error...I have to send you my July sampler can you email me at with your address please....Hugs May x x x

May said...

Hi Bev,
These are so beautiful....I have emailed you Bev as you are my next sampler swap for July...But the email is returned each time can you email me with your address please...Hugs May x x x x Thanks