Monday, July 13, 2015

Prayers for Heidi Swapp & her family....

For an awesome person in the craft world are hearts are heavy....

From Heidi's site...
Hello, this is Jen Evans, Heidi’s social media manager. I’m very sad to share that a personal tragedy occurred in the Swapp family Thursday, and Heidi's second to oldest son Cory Swapp, unexpectedly passed away.
I know that Heidi is appreciative of all prayers and positive feelings on her behalf. Also, please feel free to post any feelings or thoughts of support below.
At this very sensitive time, we ask that everyone be respectful of the Swapp’s privacy. I will try to share more information as it’s available and appropriate. Thank you. - Heidi Swapp Customer Service

From Maggie Holmes Instagram....
So many have asked how they can help the Swapp family during this time of unimaginable heartache, so I wanted to share a couple of things that are being done that you can be a part of.
One is to send a 4x4 note that will be added to an album and given to @heidiswapp. Mail your notes of love and encouragement to:
Becky Higgins LLC
8514 W. Deer Valley Rd. Ste 110
Peoria, AZ 85382
More details on this can be found @beckyhigginsllc.
Also @persnicketyprints is passing along cards & letters (separate from the album compilation). Details are on their blog.
Thank you so much for joining me in this effort of support, prayers and love for Heidi's family. I know it means a lot.
Thanks friends....

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Veralynne Malone said...

Prayers being sent Heidi's way. Thanks for the update