Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring is in the air!

Spring is here and time for new beginnings so I decided to update the blog a little and I hope you like it!

I have been MIA for a while, but I promise you I have done nothing but crafting!  I had some detours along the way, but all is good.  Back to school, back to sports, and most important, back to crafting.

So as I last mentioned, I participated in A Swap For All Seasons Fabric collage swap.  This is the collage I made.
I received this from my swap partner Freda.  Although she followed the directions to the "T", I didn't and added a little more flair than she was expecting.  Thanks Freda it was a fun swap as usual!
Next are the charms I was working on for the Art Charm Yahoo Group.  These gals are awesome!  I even made Moderator of the group!  We have such fun.  If you are into charms, come take a look, sign up and start charming!!  This was what I made for our Valentine Swap...

Then came the Steampunk Swap.  This was WAAAAY out of my comfort zone and I actually drew blood on this one!  Note:  You cannot drill a hole in the back cover of a watch!  It says shock resistant for a reason! This was also the first time I used resin.  You have to mix this stuff just right or it will never dry and be sticky FOREVER!  Yep, some didn't come out just right so I had to deviate from the plan and this is what I made.....

Next up is the Red Lead Welcome to my Cottage Swap.  We had to place an order at their shop and in return, they sent us three chipboard houses to decorate for the swap.  When they receive our swap entry they will return 3 other swappers creations with a little extra goodies in the package.  Here are the Cottages I created....

The next swap with the Red Lead Yahoo group is the "Hello Spring Tag Art Swap" where we are creating 3 large tags and in return we will receive 3 tags and one of their bunny swap just in time for Easter!

At the Art Charm Yahoo group I am hosting a Kilt Pin Swap - "FLY" and also hosting a Spring Flower Swap.  If your interested I'd love to see you sign up and join in the fun!

And last, but not least,  A Swap for All Seasons is doing a Mother's Day Brooch swap.  I can't wait to get started with this.

Whew!  Sorry for such a long post, but I guess that's what you get when someone is MIA for almost 2 months!

Hope you are well and enjoying the sun that is beginning to shine.  Enjoy your week.
Until tomorrow friends,


South City Hues said...

Welcome back. Sometimes it is good to take a break. Love the blog's new look! Your fabric collage is fabulous as well as the steam punk, charms and cottages.

Something Special said...

I am your partner for the Mother's day brooch swap. I love some of your creations here for sure, and know that we will get along famously! We like the same stuff! This one will be so much fun and so simple! Glad to be your partner Bev.

Melissa said...

Those steam punk charms are pretty cool! When will you be coming to Jamestown?

Marva said...

Oh I love your cottages! Sounds like Red Lead has some awesome swaps! Off to see about joining the charm group. :D