Friday, September 9, 2011

April, May, June, July, August....

....and now it's SEPTEMBER!  Wow, where has the time gone??  6 months and no new post - really!

Life has been uber busy these days.  For those following me and have visited, disappointed that there was no new post, so sorry.  Those who are on Facebook know I am still alive and living life as usual - hectic with drama.

I have still been crafting away, making new friends, and learning new things.  I still belong to my favorite groups and try to keep up with all the new swaps.  I love them all, but only have so much time.

Life these days consist of a Junior in high school playing soccer - add to the mix new driver and those expenses.  A returning college student - should be a junior, but slacked a little and joined the ranks of sophomore - playing baseball on a scholarship.  A broken furnace (air conditioner) gotta have that, and my new found weekly habit...BINGO (a great time to spend with Mom - winning makes it much better too)!  I also have let my Artfire Shop close due to the new costs associated with selling.  I may start a new blog to sell my items if I get to that point and just link the two.  Stay tuned for that.

I have a new "art job" too!  Not sure I mentioned this before, but the ArtCharms Yahoo group I belong to had asked me to be a moderator.  This has been a great "job".  The people are awesome and the level of talent of these members is so diverse.  I have been so busy here I love it.  Moderating and hosting monthly swaps keep me busy and active in my art.  I couldn't ask for a better group!

Ok, so you should be all caught up.  Onto more interesting stuff - ART!

Still doing swaps with my friends at Red Lead, here are some Vintage ATCs made a  month or so back.

Next, the Art Charm group.
This charm was made for our Summer Garden Swap that I hosted in the group.  It was made from a vintage necklace that I received from a wonderful lady at our camp up north.  She is an antique seller and I had asked her if she could save me any broken jewelry she finds.  One day, she sold me a heaping pile of awesome stuff.  Although I had to sort through it and smelled like Jean Nate for a week, I found some great pieces.  I added a head pin, a seed bead or two and added a plastic leaf.  It was so cute.
This next set of charms are made for our Halloween Swap.  I used vintage bingo calling chips and seed beads to fill the back.  I may add something to them, still thinking about it.
 These lovelies are made  for our Monthly Color Swap I'm hosting.  September is Green/Purple.  There are 4 of each color jump ring per charm. I found the jump rings at Pat Catan's- and bright green buttons I had in my stash.  A great match!

Last but not least, here is a charm I made from a stamp that was from someone in our group.  I used a bottle cap (packaged from Pat Catan's), plastic leaves and sealed with Diamond Glaze.

I guess that with 6 months with no post, you were most assured it was going to be a long one!  I hope to update more often with lots of Art Stuff!

Now I am sure that I have moved up the ranks of those who have me on their blog visit lists! (Deb)  It was tough being at the bottom!

Hope your weekend is full of ART!

Also this weekend, please remember those HEROES of 9/11 and Armed Forces.  We are so grateful and will ALWAYS remember.

Thanks for stopping by friends.......CIAO!


Cris Peacock said...

Yay! You met the challenge! Thanks for sharing. Love your ATCs and of course your charms!! Keep posting :)

Jane said...

Congratulations! I love your froggie sitting on the bench. Enjoyed your blog!

Peggy said...

You did it!!! Thank you Bev for a beautiful blog post. And please know that you are the most awesome Mod and Swap hostess ever!!!!!

Sissosaved said...

Love your blog especially the patina'd frog.

Kia Dallons said...

Nice job! I love the buttons for Green/ Purple swap. I can't wait to get that one back. : D

Denise Mitchell said...

I love the green and purple charms! I loved looking at all your beautiful art. Thanks for sharing.

Rhea said...

Your button charms are really nice, I love the way they look all strung together.

donnajean said...

Love your Frog!....Enjoyed seeing all your work and like the way you grouped the green/purple charms for a pic. Thanks for sharing!

Naomi said...

Wow - beautiful charms and ATC's. I'm a newbie to the art charm group and you've inspired me to join in my first swap!

Kitten said...

YIPPEE!!! It's so great to see a post from you, Bev...missed ya. And've moved up in the list of my blogs I follow...the latest posts move to the top.

Great artwork & go girl!

Barbara said...

What a Great Blog, and how nice you have been able to post about so many of ART projects. I love the ATCs and of course I love the charms. How lucky are we to have you in the Art Charms Group.
Barbara Branson

Cher said...

good job! luv your work too..and Red Lead! and Art so delish! ty

Kerri said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog! I had to laugh out loud about the Jean Nate (sp) comment. Super funny! You made beautiful charms, I love them!
Thanks! Kerri

bonniemon said...

I loved seeing what you've been working on! Fabulous atc's and charms! I wasn't able to chat this week, but you've inspired me to check my own sad neglected blog and challenge myself to post.

South City Hues said...

Enjoying your post. Your art just gets better and better! How is that possible?