Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year, New Classes, & New Swaps, OH MY!

Although this year has started with a lot of snow already here in Pittsburgh (it's been frigid!), I hope your year has started off on a good note.

Another way to start off the new year is with some new swaps & new classes!

The first class of the year....Zelda's Bead Kit Co. A Really Cool Bracelet Class . With this bracelet, you can incorporate everything BUT the kitchen sink!  This class was a lot of fun with the ladies that attended...I didn't get home until 11pm!  The most awesome part of this bracelet were the wrapped mini Christmas lights.  Maria Richmond showed how to wrap them and add them to our pieces.  This part was a challenge to took me a long time to get one right and not break the tiny little wires before the wrap was completed *sigh*.  Here is my finished bracelet ...

Next are the swaps.  
I've signed up to do the 2nd Valentine charm swap with the Yahoo Art Charm group I belong to.  I've started on them, hoping to complete them today.

The second swap I signed up to do is with A Swap for All Seasons - A Mini Fabric Collage Swap.  I am back!  I haven't done one of Linda's swaps for a while and am willing to step out of my comfort zone for this one.  It is SEWING!  Yes, I do know how to sew, but getting out the machine and coming up with a theme will be the most challenging.  The swap is cut at 100 swappers, so this is an awesome popular swap as always!  I've made several friends doing Linda's swaps.  Linda is an awesome host.  So if you are up for a quality swap, keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

So as a new year starts, step out of your comfort zone and try some new art challenges!

Until tomorrow friends....CIAO!


South City Hues said...

That bracelet looks like crazy fun. Love the wire wrapping on the lights!

Peggy said...

That bracelet is way too cool, Bev!