Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Book Thongs galore!

Happy Tuesday!  As promised, here are the book thongs I've been working on.  They are one-of-a-kind.  Some I have used vintage charms, beads, etc.  All thongs will fit both large and small paperback books. 

Hopefully I will learn how to post them on ArtFire (where it's free!) and I will be selling them until the winter craft shows.  I have others that I haven't taken pics of but now that the batteries are charged to the camera, I plan to post them soon.

If you would like to purchase any and would like any more info, please email me.  We can also work out the payment.  I will list the price of the item with shipping included.
#49 Red/White beads with wax thread thong. 

#48 Religious w/Cross & Mary Pendant with Pearls and beaded thong  
#50 Religious Turquoise Cross w/Mary Pendant w/beaded thong 
#52 Vintage Pictures encased in baubles with wax thong 
#53 Bird themed w/wax thong 
#54 Religious Pink/Black/Silver w/beaded thong 
#55 Vintage Dangles w/browns-beaded thong
#56 Vintage themed Antique Gold w/beaded thong SOLD
#57 Purple/Silver w/beaded thong
#58 Circles w/ suspended bead-Browns/Gold w/beaded thong SOLD!
#59 Swan Silver/Black w/beaded thong SOLD! 
#60 Swan Black/Gold w/beaded thong
#61 Sneaker Blue/Silver w/wax thong
#62 Purples w/wax thong Gifted
#63 Religious Pink/Silver w/beaded thong
Whew! These are the ones that I have packaged up.  I still have more made so look for another post soon or on my ArtFire.

I am currently doing an Apron IBB swap so my time is limited.  I will try to post pics when I'm done.  Now we are off to dinner...together!

Until tomorrow friends...Ciao!


Chele said...

These are great! I heart the bird themed ones.

South City Hues said...

Bev... these are fabulous. Congrats to you on winning the drawing over at a Swap for All Seasons!

Peggy said...

I agree with Chele, the bird thong is too cool. But I also like the religious ones with the large crystal and Mary medal. They are all really neat!

Chris said...

Oooh, Bev, thanks for posting the link! Love the book thongs - especially the one with the vintage key and the bird-themed ones. Also - very cool earring displays! :)