Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Debbie's Winnings....

This is the package that's heading to Debbie!  I had to wait a 
couple days as I made her something special.  Hope you enjoy your goodies! (sorry for the spoiler)

As for a swap, I guess I will do it privately with anyone who wants to do a small project.  Seems as though no one (except Kitten) is interested in even a suggestion. :(

Ciao Friends.....

1 comment:

Kitten said...

Oh now I'll be stalking my mail guy for sure!!! Thanks for the goodies, Bev...and I see it...I see it! I love my new book thong!!! C'mon y'all...don't you want to swap??? You'll miss out on the fun that Bev & I will have if you don't.