Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is soo funny, I just had to share this "mom" moment with you all.

I am always after child #1 Mark to clean his room, pick up the clothes he has dropped all through the house, etc., etc. Always with an argument....and I always think to myself what will it be like when he moves out on his own....YUK! I don't want to think of it!! The funny part of child #1 is that when he was a toddler, he couldn't have a speck of food on his fingers or he would sit there with his fingers spread wide, waiting for mom to wipe them before going on! Boy, we have truely grown out of that phase totally!

Now onto child #2 - Alan. He is NOT a drama child by no means. He just chills and listens to me hammer his brother....he just sits back and takes notes!! When he was a toddler, he was the one with spaghetti in his hair - all over and lovin it!

So, the other day I was after him to clean his room. Take out the clothes he's outgrown, clean up food wrappers (not my favorite, but I'm tired of fighting...they have to live with the bugs - right??) and whatever else needed done.

So I see him heading up the stairs with some Swiffers and cleaning supplies so I ask him what he's doing...."I'm redecorating my room."

Me: "Redecorating?"

Alan: "I'm going to move my furniture and clean up."

Me: "Are you feeling sick or something wrong?"

Alan: "No, why?"

Me: "Just wondering. You sure?"

Alan: "I need to learn how to clean because I will be going to college soon and moving out and I will have to keep everything clean."

(now he's only in 8th grade!)

Then THUD! I fell off my chair! I had to check my pulse too! Yep, still alive!

Whoa! 50% effective rate...I actually got through to one of them! I just had to sit there and take it all in....then I decided I had to have documentation....

Now I didn't get a pic of him actually holding a cleaning tool, but got a pic of him none-the-less!

SO PROUD!! (both he and I, but for different reasons)

Until tomorrow friends....


ButtonsByLouLou said...

I try and guess what my boys will be like when they are older - maybe I should start thinking in opposites!

Melissa said...

That's so good. Back when I lived near my nephews the younger one would follow me around (8 at the time) and want to do what I was doing: cleaning, cooking, whatever. He thought the coolest things in the world were the magic eraser and a dustpan with a handle...I bought him some for his very own and he still loves them...you just never know.

So proud for both of you too!

mimi said...

Oh this brought a smile to my face :) Being the mom of my 17 (almost 18) year old Alex I know just how proud you must have been.The other night, since it was the night before garbage pick up, I asked Alex to clean his room. (ie...pick up all the gatoraid, water, and soda bottles from his floor and under his bed)I am so glad that no one other than my husband and I saw how big that bag was (heheheh) Oh our boys---gota love them :)

Jill Hilliard said...

Yup- my boys drop socks all over the house. their not old enough yet for wrappers,etc but I do charge $5 for dirty underwear left where it should not be. Woohhoo there is hope! Good for you!