Monday, March 23, 2009

Friday the 13th...

came a day late for me this year! I am still feeling the reminants a little over a week later too.

It all started when son#1 came down with the "Spring sinus bug" and went right to bed as soon as he came home from school on Friday the 13th. I had to work Job #2 filling in for another person hit with the "bug", thus feeling a little guilty about not being home. After work, I made a trip to my parents to go over some paperwork that I knew I needed to start over the weekend. Then came home and went to bed around 1 a.m.

5:00 A.M. Saturday morning....husband woke me up - he was having sever abdominal to the ER we go! Mind you that son #1 is still sick in bed...son #2 has to be taken to school for soccer referee class, and I have to be at job #2 at 10 a.m. (Have I mentioned that I am NOT a morning person???!!) Thus the day begins!

The day went on like this: 6 a.m. in the ER - husband getting tests

8 a.m. recruited sick son #1 to take son #2 to school and drop him off for class

9 a.m. still in the ER - no results on any tests - a medical mystery...they can't find out what is wrong with husband. So played tag with brother-in-law to bed sit husband until I could get someone to cover job #2.

10 a.m. At job #2, trying to get someone to cover....talked to sick son #1 to call off work for the day - he's still in bed and is required to call others to fill in for him- what's with that??

11 a.m. got into verbal "disagreement" with son #1's boss about having him find a fill-in while he can't even talk on the phone.

1 p.m. finally got off job #2 and went back to hospital. Husband still in ER.

2 p.m. husband finally got a room - husband still on pain meds so they decide to keep him.

4 p.m. had my dad pick up son#2 from referee class at school - I'm still at the hospital.

6 p.m. after husband settled went home to eat and feed children and give a little extra special 'lovin' to son #1 who is sooo sick. Chilled the rest of the evening.

Still no diagnosis for husband.

So, on Tuesday, husband returned home, no diagnosis, and then I got the "Spring Sinus Bug! UGH!! Off work for two days - in bed both days - and am finally getting my "head" back and things in the house are returning to normal....for the most part.

Finished packing up my Vintage Spring Swap box and mailed that sucker out on Friday (box turned out to be bigger than I anticipated - yeah for Melissa!)- sneak peek to follow shortly.

Finished my 44 Red Lead tags for the swap and am mailing them out today! I'll post pics of these later as well.

So glad my week is starting out with some Sunshine....hope yours is too!

Until tomorrow friends....

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Scrap for Joy said...

You poor thing! I'm sure you'll be glad when March is gone! Hope your husband gets some answers, that's a scary thing. No apendicitis? Take care of yourself kiddo-you can only do so much. When your swap box comes, I'm sure that will make you smile. I'm just mailing mine today! Hugs to you