Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old Vintage Finds

Old, meaning I'm real late in posting this....geese, like it's no surprise. I have just been busy and the thing last in line is posting. Although I'm getting faster at downloading and posting, it still takes time.

This is a pic of the purchases I made when my sis and I hit some new stores to the south of us about 2 weeks ago. Notice the Music Bingo?? 1967 and in it's ORIGINAL WRAP!!! Guess how much??? $4 !! It wasn't marked and "bingo" just my price! Now for the I open it and share or hoard it until I can find it on Ebay for a million dollars???? Comment and let me know what I should do.

I found some rick rac, silver plated flatware, 12 matching clear jars (good for my buttons/ribbon), free vintage music(love the pics on the front), clipboard, and 3 french booklets in 3 different colors (I asked my son to see if he could translate - no such luck), and 2 flower frogs (one medium one small). Great buys!!

This weekend I went up north to cut had games and I needed a break! Boy, did I get one! The riding lawnmower the top of the hill thank goodness, but I wasn't even half done. So I got some well needed exercise, more than what I needed - almost like the Biggest Loser type of exercise! (and afters "MY FRIEND" visited, which now that I look back, is probably the reason I could push that riding mower back into the shed!!! RRRRR) Today my side and arm hurts from pushing!

Not all was a loss though. I was able to get the grass cut by hand on Friday (I left work a little early because there was a threat of rain) and time on Saturday!!! Time to hit the antique stores!!!

On my way to the local store, I noticed an auction sign on the road. While at the store, I mentioned to the owner about it and she knew about the details. So, I figured, no husband or kids waiting on me so I'm there!! I found the place and was just ecstatic when I pulled in. This is the first "house" auction I had ever been to. When I was younger, my mom would take us to the local auction house, but that was the extent. I also was able to stop another store on my way back home.

Well, it's getting late, so more about my Satuday tomorrow - stay tuned!

Until tomorrow friends.....

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Kudzu said...

Oh, you got some gooooodies! Love the music bingo and trims especially, I've been looking for some rick rack!