Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend Story Continued....

Ok, so continuing from yesterday....(WARNING: I'm a little winded here)

So I went to the auction site(they even brought in a refreshment stand can you believe it!) and cased the joint. After walking around and getting the feel for everything, I got me a number and first up for auction was an old flag. So distressed and cool looking - I will probably hang it on the wall in my living room. ($2) I walked through the house and found this pristine suitcase, so I brought it out for them to auction and won....a steal $1! Then on a mission at this point, I went back through the house (I'm hooked now!) I found a pile of books and things in one of the bedroom closets and found a box of old letters and some post cards. I asked the person who was overseeing the auction (must have been a relative or friend) and she said "why would you want old letters and such"....she said I could have them - 1919-1920 letters and envelopes with stamps! I also ran into a woman who won a lot of paper items that were sprawled out over the auction table when I came back outside. I asked about them and to my surprise, she said she was opening an antique store in town. She welcomed me to stop by and go thru the box. That story later!

I had to limit myself - I only had $20 on me and one a van to haul stuff home. Gee, I wish I had a pickup at that point. After most of the other items were auctioned, the auctioneer walked everyone thru the house to see what else could be had. We made it to the basement where I won a washtub $2, old chair $2, and a few clip on lights $1 & $2! They had an old Hoosier cupboard and it went for $15! (this is when I needed a pickup truck- geese!!) and an old drop leaf table $10!

So it was getting later and we went through the whole basement. Then we all got in line to pay for our purchases and I noticed they were giving stuff away that wasn't auctioned off...hmmmmm. (it pays to pay attention!) So the nosey person I am, went back inside. There in the living room was a pile - pile for the trash that no one wanted! From this "pile" I was able to take an old makeup hard case, and a VCR. (Our VCR at the cottage broke so I figured maybe it would work). Then not seeing anything else, I was walking down the front steps and this man called out, "Here, I found this one too, it might just work. If not, nothing lost - right?" So I got 2 VCRs and a makeup case FREE!!! All in all I spent $10 - I LOVE AUCTIONS!!! I can't wait to go to another one!!!

Here is a pic of some of the stuff:

Ok, so after leaving the auction and closing up the cottage, I headed to the store in town. Not officially opened yet, but getting there. So I pilfered through the box and picked out a few items, then browsed the store. I found more button cards (no price marked on them), and a post card(again no price). Here is what I was able to walk away with for the remaining $10 I had in my purse!

Then after that, time to start heading home. Only after I stopped one more place....and this is what I found (had to write a check for these-LOL!!)...

Ok, I hope you all enjoyed my finds. Next, I need to buckle down and finish some projects. Stay tuned for some GREAT NEWS coming hopefully tomorrow. I have a school meeting so we will see.

Thanks for stopping and reading the novel! LOL!

Until tomorrow friends....


Lorie said...

Score! How fun!

Scrap for Joy said...

If it's true that "she who dies with the most toys, wins" then you are the undisputed winner. $1 for the suitcase? YIKES! Can I come and shop at your house? Great finds Bev!

Kudzu said...

Wow....you got more goodies!