Saturday, June 14, 2008


Do you really need fingers?? Well, I don't think my brain wants any!! I told you a couple of weeks ago that braniac me slammed my finger in the van's sliding door - right?

Well, Thursday night as I was ticked at DH for throwing a hissy for no good reason-he left to go out and cut grass- so I stomped upstairs and figured I'd change the bed clothes and put away the million baskets of clothes in our bedroom.

So, as you normally do, I went to flip the mattress. Keep in mind that this is a QUEEN mattress and I'm ticked - not a good combination! I'm a do-it-yourselfer, and boy did I do it myself!

We have a lower than normal ceiling fan in the room and I had a old snack table for my night stand (I still haven't found the ones I really wanted, so snack table it is for now!). As I was in the middle of the flip, I tried to go around the bed to complete the flip, when the mattress decided to grow a brain and head back toward the ceiling fan and nightstand.

THE MATTRESS WON! It went down, bending the ceiling fan light fixture and totally destroying the snack table night stand and everything went flying! And-like a dummy-me, myself, and I tried to stop it - with my thumb getting caught underneath.

It sounds weird, but it twisted my thumb to the left - boy was it smarts! Sailor mouth was an understatement!!

So, as a true mom does, ignores the pain and self humiliation, and goes on with the duties at hand. I went to work on Friday, cause like the postman and his mail, the checks had to be done!

I couldn't bend my thumb and figured I needed to take care of it, so I left work early for the ER. After reviewing the X-ray, the only thing they told me was they were unsure it was broke and looked "abnormal". ABNORMAL!! What does that mean??

So, I got a mini splint and they sent me on my way, just minutes after the orthorpedist's office closed for the weekend! UGH!!!

Here I am, trying to type with my trusty splint. You don't know how important a thumb can be until you lose it's use! Wish me luck at the orthopedist this week!!

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