Monday, June 9, 2008

Cool Vintage

I know I haven't been around in a seems to get in the way. But I promise that I will be around more as I have some real cool things to show you.

I had to stop in to work on Saturday to finish up a report because I'm watching the triplets today - and I passed a local antique store- Veronica's Antiques on Banksville Road in Pittsburgh - that's unfortunately closing due to some family health issues. So I swung around on my way back because she was finally open!!

Here is what I found....

First, we have a vintage Ohio Art child sprinkling can. This will be great to put some fake ivy in to display somewhere in the house.

Second, we have a 1947 20th Century Typewriting Course book from Holy Ghost High School here in Pittsburgh. This book is real neat. It has pictures of vintage typewriters, ton of practice paragraphs, hand positioning and finger gymnastics (LOL!!), and even excerpts from the International Typewriting Contest Rules. My son Mark (16) was nebbing on what I was doing last night and said, "Mom, this book is sooo cool! Why do you want to cut it up!" I had no answer. I guess I'll have to think about this one.

Third, we have a 1957 Bingo game. It has this "Magic Dispenser" that is real neat. You turn it and the plastic calling pieces come out the bottom. It came with a ton of "Specials" type cards and some light cardstock like cards. It even has the old red wooden markers. I might use some of the "special" bingo cards for some journal book covers or cards. I've got some good ideas.

Do you use Bingo items in your crafting? If so, leave me a comment on how you use them or send me a link to your photos.

How much did all of this cost you wonder? $25!!! What a find I think!

Well, gotta go and pick up the kiddies. I may be back later with a post of the classes I recently took at our local stamp store - Stamp Fanci. You will LOVE these!

Have a wonderful, sunny, HOT day!!


Scrap for Joy said...

Great Finds!!!!! I love the typing book and the chair that everything is sitting on. Junking is fun, don't you think? Bingo cards-have a ton of them. I want to do some garlands with them

Lorie said...

Those ARE great finds! I absolutely love that watering can...too cute! I'm glad to see you back!