Thursday, May 22, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Although this weekend might be a little chilly here in the East, I hope you enjoy the long lost sun, enjoy family & friends, relax and get ready - summer is right around the corner!

Also, most importantly, REMEMBER. Remember everyone who is important to you, has been a great influence in your life, and those serving our country. Just REMEMBER, in your own special way.

Have a SAFE and FUN Holiday Weekend!!



Chrispea said...

Hi! Came to find your blog by way of Taylored Expressions... then I saw the Pens and thought, cool, she's a Pittsburgher! So, I stopped by to say, "Hey neighbor! What ya doin' n'at?" ;)

mimi said...

Hello Bev:)
Hope things are going great for you. Now that the store will be closed we will have to make an extra effort to get together. Oh by the way---I tagged you :) Check out my blog for all the details (if you don't already know them ) Can't wait to see your 7 things about you :)
Keep in Touch

Lorie said...

You've been quiet girlie! Is everything okay? :o)

Rosalyn-Sue said...

Love love love your basic grey tags! And the picture for your memorial day post. My hubby is currently serving overseas, so this was a special day for our family, as well. Looking forward to reading more.