Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yes, I'm still here...

Well, it's been a real roller coaster ride the last couple weeks. Sorry I haven't posted...just life getting in the way and I feel like I'm always behind on something.

Let's see what's been happening....

*We have soccer and baseball - enough said.

*Finally got my finger X-rayed - not broken - a plus.

*Store closing announcement - :(

*"Sick" day last week - I got to go to my other favorite local store - Vicar Home & Garden and picked up another vintage book to create with. Happy day!

*Mother's Day - Typical. Due to a soccer game, missed our yearly breakfast out with the in-laws. My husband made me coffee and Pop Tarts! Went to the soccer game and then was forced to end the game due to lightening and down pours of rain! Got to my Mom's. Ate homemade lasagna and spend the rest of the day with family. No, boys didn't get their mother anything....the oldest took till 2:30 in the afternoon to wish me a Happy Mother's Day - total attitude.

*My Mother-in-Law's Birthday- I usually get a bunch of plants to put in the front of her house for her and plant them for both Mother's Day and her birthday. It's still raining so I haven't done that yet. Mark and Alan went over after work on Friday. I had to work and Markie went to the JR Prom. Happy Birthday Mum!

*My Mother's Birthday - we celebrated yesterday because of Memorial Weekend. We will be heading north to open the cottage. Everyone was there and we only did cake. Happy Birthday MOM!!

*Junior Prom was Friday - I had to work my last night at YMP so Mark took pictures of himself before he left. I wished I was there to see him off, even if he went alone. He had a pretty good time. It would have been better if there was a girl involved, but when attitude gets in the way, you know what happens. Here are the pics he took:

He came home just in time on his junior driver license. A great night!


Lorie said...

Wow, girl! You have been busy! Good things and bad. Typical of life now isn't it? I'm happy to see that you've posted though. Have a great night! See you soon!

Scrap for Joy said...

I'm glad things ended on a high note. It was nice that MG surprised you all on Friday night. Please keep in touch....I'll be reading!

Tracie said...

It was nice to see you on Friday! I'll keep you posted on all my future workshops that I have. I'm so sad to see it close too, it's been a "fun place" for not only me, but my son Cameron too (he's 7 and so sad).

Take care and I hope to see you soon,


~Cheryl said...

I'm so sad that YMP is closing too :( Good to see you posting though- have a fun holiday weekend!!

Jill Hilliard said...


I am sad you will miss your fun job. You sure have been busy! I bet your next adventure will be amazing! a closed door always opens a new one!