Thursday, January 10, 2008


Do you ever pack all your stuff up in your creating "luggage", wanting to take it to work, on a trip, or to a friends house to work on a project and you forgot the most important piece??? UGH!!

Well today, I was planning on stamping some images to send to a new "Bella" member, pulled out my stamps at work during lunch, cut my cardstock, and searched my caddy for my acrylic block and....nada, it wasn't there. GEESE!!! So what was I to do....the only thing....IMPROVISE!!! I looked around my desk, nothing....I was desperate...looking, looking, something to stick bella to....then (*insert light bulb flash*)...My ink pad cover!!

I had an ink pad (Joanns dye ink - I like it better than some I've used and it doesn't bleed)anyway, because my Bellas have Aileene's Repositional Tacky glue on them, I used the ink pad lid. Yes, the LID!! Although it has a slight hump, it's clear so I can see where I have to stamp, and it's a surface that my Bella will stick to. It was great!! I had to do a little rockin', but got my images done and they went postal today.

Dawn in NJ should feel real lucky that her bella images will arrive a little earlier than if I hadn't IMPROVISED!! Enjoy new Bella member!!!

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