Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Very Merry Christmas considering....

...the end results. Martha Stuart would have had a coronary for sure!!!!

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, I worked feverishly making projects for a craft show that was a bust! We had a double birthday- Dad/Sis the same day. I made all the greeting cards, filled a place card order, bought almost all the gifts, worked full time in between taking number 1 child to/from work, baking 4 different types of cookies, wrapping gifts that go out of the house (with masking tape! we ran out of the clear stuff and no one told mom, so on Xmas eve - no stores were opened), kinda cleaned house and decorated....not necessarily in that order.

The end results this year....

Decorations - mostly outstide lights. The Christmas tree was put up in the living room and Alan kinda put decorations on it. Here is what it looked like without the lights on....notice the lack of ornaments??? Wrapping paper - Kohl's shopping bags (notice in the pic above). A little dreary, but recycled....doesn't that count? (Don't worry, everyone else's gifts that went out of the house were wrapped with real xmas paper and MASKING TAPE!!)LOL!! Can you say lazy or out of time??? (the latter was more like it!)

Baking - Made my usual nut roll. Also pumpkin cookies that the icing melted, chocolate chip with white chocolate and semi-sweet (a new twist), pizzelles, and cranberry/orange biscotti (the icing turned out right on these!)

While making cookies, Santa came by on the local fire truck to hand out candy to the kids of the I suggested that my DH run out some cookies for Santa and the firemen..... Food for Christmas Eve - a real tuffy....opened two cans of olives, a bag of carrots, and did the usual cream cheese with walnut stuffed celery. Bought the pop and bread for sandwiches. This was a lot of work - not!! LOL!!

Christmas DH wanted a turkey, so I got up early, stuffed that sucker, and went to his mom's to visit, came home and the bird was done - Thank Goodness!! Ate then vegged the rest of the night.

This was an unusually lame Christmas. I think the untimely loss of our friend, and no snow, just didn't put me or my family in the real spirit this year. There were other family issues as well, but we spent time with the people we love and isn't that what the holidays are about anyway?

I hope all of you had a memorable Christmas or other holiday, and I wish you all the best for the New Year - 2008 is almost here!!

Thank you all for taking time to read my blog. I hope to create more projects than last year and do it more frequently and have a better craft show season too!

(P.S. Just as a note, the regular scotch tape was found the day after Xmas! Geese!!) **Huggs**

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Beth said...

Where DOSE all the time go? As for your Christmas wrap- by the time that I was in high school, Mom would put the gifts is generic boxes taped shut and we would wrap our OWN (never peaked once)! As for the tape, well, I have resorted to masking tape, scrapbook adhesive guns, bandage tape that I've accidently carried home in my scrubs pocket from work- you name! It's called being resourceful- lol! As for Martha, it would be easy to get it "all" done perfectly if you had an army of folks to help out! Wishing you a Blessed New Years!