Saturday, December 29, 2007


I can't believe it!! I won!!! My daily blog read - Mish Mash's Michelle Wooderson, posted a neat way to keep up the giving spirit with a game of "Tag-Your it!" I loved the idea, so I posted a comment and I WON!!

She will snail-mail me the package, I will make 4 cards with the tags she sends, make 4 more tags and cards (not necessarily the same stamps 'cause I don't own any), and send them to my friends who hopefully will keep up the giving spirit and "tag" someone else.

I hope I can sleep tonight - I'm sooo excited!!!!

Thanks Michelle!

Don't forget to come back to see what I've done with them.

**Huggs** :)


Lynn said...

Congratulations, this sounds like so much fun!

Angela said...

Sounds like fun! Congrats!