Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Welcome Joyce!

I want to send a crafty shout-out to Joyce.....she has her very own blog now! YIPPEE!! I think it's contagious!!
Stop by and say hello to Joyce at Scrap for Joy. Be nice though, she's a newbie, and her site will be under construction for a little while - she's catches on quick. All she needs is to figure out how to download the pics of all her wonderfull work. She is VERY talented!!

Great start girlfriend!! Better keep up the least with me, but not as infrequent as Chele!! HA HA...LOL!!! ;)


Scrap for Joy said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence-I have been inspired by your blog and Michele's. I'm learning....just not fast enough! J

Chele said...

I'm trying to get better! Promise! :P