Friday, November 2, 2007


Sorry all for not posting lately, but I have been quite busy. You see, I jumped right into 3 swaps....YES 3!!! Like I'm not busy enough right?? Uh-oh, I forgot I just signed up for one more today....

Well, it started with the Bellas. Got an email from Shannon Roberts with the Bellaholicsanonymous and they had an image swap. So I signed up....32 images of Chefabella went out on Oct 18th. Easy enough!

Next, I was blog hopping and found that Taylor Van Bruggen was hosting an ENORMOUS ATC (artist trading card) SWAP with a bunch popular stamp vendors. I had just received a holiday set from The Cat's Pajamas. I didn't even know what ATC meant (LOL!!)...she posted a tutorial from SCS and I was set. Last night I just finished my 10 cards (all the same) - they came out pretty good in my opinion for my first time. I mailed them it is... Again, pretty easy.

Then an email came across the wire for an All Through the Year Swap with my Bella gals. For this swap, you sign up for a month of the year, create 12 get 12, full cards (no envelopes). Sounded like fun with a bunch of different Bellas. I obviously signed up for November (all that was left cause my list of Bellas are limited). I have been working on these at lunch at work. Maybe I'll work on them more tomorrow.

I was pondering doing another image swap for a couple days now, this time with a different one of my bellas -Feelabella. So I jumped right in again...this one is make images for the #of people signed up by 11/10 +1 and send to the host by Dec 10. Again, it seems pretty easy cause all you do is stamp the image on white cardstock w/black ink. These Bella girls are busy people!!!

I will have to post more swap images when I complete them.

Well, just finished watching 2 movies (which I NEVER do), so it's time for the news.

Also, I want to let everyone know that since I have been doing all this blogging, swapping, emailing, and creating I HAVE LOST 10 lbs(I think only in my big toe though-LOL)!!! I can't believe it (I had to weigh myself twice)!!! I guess because I haven't been bored and been keeping busy at night - no time for snacking!

Thanks for looking - Have a great weekend!!

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