Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Job - YIPPEE!!!!

Yes, I know I have been slacking lately, but I am still busy after my REAL job - don't know why??!!

The other day, Monday, I had to juggle time (the ususal)....pick Alan up from school(4:15) get them something to eat, take them to get tennies, and back to school for basketball practice at 6. Mark came along because I promised to take him to buy tennies with the $$ he earned by doing his grandfathers driveway.

And so the story goes....we went to Boston Market to eat cause it was on the way to Kohls (I couldn't tell you the last time we were in a Boston Market - I guess better than McD's?). A help wanted sign was in the door and Mark figured he'd apply. Mind you that this particular store is about 7 miles from our house (although closer than Kennywood he tells me). The manager took his app, shook all our hands, and wanted him to come back in on Wed for an interview - he couldn't do it then cause they were filling a take out order for non other guessed it....KENNYWOOD! (carma somewhere here???)

Got the shoes - and the typical Mark argument - "you bought him more than me" blah, blah, blah - needless to say we settled THAT argument fast when I pulled out the receipt and he was $4.20 ahead. I rest my case!

Alan was on time for basketball - I am soooo good!! LOL

So yesterday Mark went back in for the interview and was offered the job on the spot - YEAH!!! Now he won't be spending all MY money!!! I told him he'll come home smelling like a chicken - I guess it's better than a BIG MAC or FRENCH FRY!! LOLOLOLOL!!!! I do wish it was a little closer, like within walking distance....Oh well....

Tonight the Marks are going to the Penguins game (GO PENS!!!!)and Alan and I are doing the basketball thing....for the hour and a half I wait, I will be finishing a new project I found by blog jumping that I started at lunch. Look for it later....

Now back to my REAL job....

P.S. My box class prep is coming along....I will let you all know the dates so you can sign up and come and harrass me!!! LOL :) Thanks for lookin!

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