Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday again?!

Oh my, I must be a busy person! Now, where to start?

Thursday last week wasn't too bad...Markie went to an AIU apprenticeship meeting for Engineering - Mark took off work to drive him.

Friday was big Mark's Birthday..but he wasn't feeling well and it was the usual baseball practice and we ate late - 8:00! Pizza didn't sit well that night.

Saturday was NO BASEBALL! My triplet nieces had their 3rd birthday party at North Park - a Pirate theme (yep they are girls who love the Backyardigans Pirate video!). It was so cute and everyone had such fun, but boy was it COLD!


Sunday WAS a baseball day which include some rowdy parents (our side, but not me) and the cops were called. Basically the other team coach called them because they were becoming sore losers....although they beat us in the end with MY son missing a wild throw to 1st base. He's 6' tall, stretching as far as possible off the bag to catch the ball which missed him by a mile. The winning run scored and we lost the game. We were supposed to play a double header and the other team was short a player....we were going to let them borrow a player of ours, but due to them throwing out one of our players in the first game - no deal there. They were forced to forfeit the game....bit their nose to spite their face (or so the saying goes).

Monday, Tuesday were nothing out of the ordinary - boring work, running at night, kids homework, and me trying to get some projects done.....I'm so far behind on what I want to accomplish anxiety is setting in!!!

TODAY: Well work was boring again...visited my friend Joyce at YMP and found a Pittsburgh blogger thru many, many read blogs. I'm so excited!! Joyce helped me with an idea on my Thanksgiving table placecards I decided to make for some craft shows I'm going to sign up for.

Tomorrow is a lunchtime trip to Stamp Fanci should solve my delima on the words I want to stamp in the corner. Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I will post my projects. (keep your fingers crossed!)

Also as a note, I finally figured out how to post in a gallery on SplitcoastStampers....see my link to the right. Although I only got some of the cards posted that are on my blog below, I plan on putting more there when I finish for more people to see.

But now, I need SLEEP! If I am rambling, you know why.....zzzzzzzzzzz LOL

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