Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wedding Keepsake Box

Well, here it is...a little late but worth it (I guess?). This is a Wedding Keepsake Box I made for my second cousin's bridal shower. Glad I finished it! It's pretty easy to make. This is my first set of instructions (general) so bear with me.....
1o x 10 paper mache box with lid (this will fit an 8x8 albumn)
1 sheet 12x12 patterned paper for lid
1 sheet 12x12 solid paper for lid sides
2 sheets 12x12 patterned paper for box sides

Take 12x12 sheet patterned paper for lid and lay lid on top leaving 1 inch all the way around. Mark off and apply adhesive.

Cut corners on diagonal as shown and apply adhesive - fold the remaining up over the edge of e box lid. It will be covered by the solid colored paper so if it doesn't match up it won't matter.
Cut 4 - 3"x12" stips out the solid paper. Align on the box lid so that the top/bottom are lined up with the edges. Leave a 1" overhang on the sides - you will adhear them around the corners. Do all 4 sides the same way.
When the lid is finished it will look like this. Add embelishments as desired.
Now the box sides....
Take the two other pieces of 12x12 patterned paper. Cut them in half making 2-6"x12" pieces and 2-6"x 9 3/4" pieces. Make sure the pattern goes the same way if it's a busy pattern. Line up 6x12 piece bottom of the paper with the bottom of the box and adhear, leaving 1" at the top you will fold down in the box. Do this on the opposite side. Then take the 6 x 9 3/4 pieces and attach them the same way.

Now you have finished covering your box.

You can emblish as you would like. I have heard that some people use decopauge also. Be sure when emblishing that you don't hinder the closing of the box.

Here I put butterflies on the sides and "Wedding" on the front .

All done!!!
Hope you could follow the instructions. Any questions, drop me a line.
More project pics/instructions to come tomorrow (or should I say today because it's 1:30 AM!!)

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