Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Busy, busy

Well, now it's Wednesday! It seems like forever since I've blogged. Well, to catch up....

Monday - called off sick from work...woke up with a migraine and "." cramps! Mark (my husband with the same name as the kid), stayed home with a migraine as well, but woke up without it! How lucky. Well, he got elected to pick up Alan from Stage Crew after school and I stayed home to cook dinner - haven't done that in a while!

Tuesday - went to work and had to come home because of that "."!!! The first time I had a major accident (and not in a car!). And from then on all I'm hearing from everyone is.. "your getting older now...blah, blah, blah...." UGH!!! Just what I want to hear - older.

I sit there and ponder....why didn't God make a man go thru these things??? I guess HE (or SHE) figured that guys can't handle getting a common cold - let alone make a baby! And why couldn't human's baby-making procedures be more simpler?? Monthly junk, 9 months of gestation, and then pushing a watermelon out (some people have kindergartners- but we won't go there!) Maybe it was to make women more tough...Hmmm..... (p.s. made dinner 2nd day in a row- look out!)

Wednesday (today)- It must be sick I went to work and sneezed my brains out - LITERALLY!!! I must have lost 5lbs of water just from my head alone! I stayed the whole day, I guess that was a good thing. Went to JoAnn's at lunch to use my coupons - needed another pillow for the triplets birthday coming up on Saturday...and of course, got more scrap stuff! Got me a GIGA punch - can't wait to use it!! Got more paper too.

Ate out for dinner (Subway - knew it wouldn't last!) Markie was at baseball practice after school and Alan had to go to the same field for soccer practice till 8. Again, Mark was elected to do this chore - sniffle, sniffle!! LOL :)

Well, worked on my Bride-to-be Wedding all the paper on and embellishments on top....trying to decide if I should put anything on the sides. Because I used card stock on the side of the lid and folded under, the lid tighter than normal and won't need ties on the sides. Might do ribbons or flowers....still thinking....I will try to post the pics and instructions once I finish, hopefully by the end of the week.....keep looking!

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