Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Fun....?

Today was grass cutting day at the cottage. Dad wasn't feeling well so Mom and I just went. Boys had games and Mark had that duty - soccer (far away) and double-header baseball games.

I got much needed exercise (somewhat out of breath and felt calf muscles I haven't felt for a while) by hand cutting some grass, cutting most of the rest with the riding mower - bouncing the fat away!

My sister and her husband and the girls surprised us by coming up. My brother-in-law cut the most difficult part along the road - boy was I greatful! If I had to do it I would still be there!! We stopped at the lake before going for dinner and heading home.

I know I will feel those calf muscles tomorrow for sure. I think I feel the the fall I had other day more than the scrapes that are still healing. My body says - Here I am....remember the pain dummy!!! I guess that's what happens at "THIS AGE"! boss is off this week and I'm sure I will have little to do....oh well, at least the Steelers won!!!! Their record: 3-0...GO STEELERS!!!

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Scrap for Joy said...

You have been on a major roll with your projects! I'm impressed (and jealous!) Keep up the good work. Always enjoy your blog-love your sense of humor! Joyce