Saturday, October 16, 2010

Swaps N Things

Ok, so October is here and we are about smack dab in the middle.  The air has changed (as you can tell by how much I have been sneezing these days) days are getting shorter and out comes the warm clothes.

Halloween is around the corner and again this year I have yet to put up any decorations.  I'd better get on the ball huh?  Well, I've been working on some Halloween swap items, art charms for a swap, and more things for the craft show I signed up to do in a couple weeks.

Here are the Halloween Post Card Tags I made for the Red Lead Swap...

Here the art charms I have worked on (31 to be exact!) for the new Yahoo group I joined.  They weren't hard to make, even though I just got the hang of how to do the loops at the top.

I just finished watching the Pittsburgh Pens win against Philly and can barely see the computer screen due to the major sinus pain....I just can't stand it!  Sorry to complain, but I am soooo tired of this...on minute I'm sneezing, then the nose runs like a water hose, then it's so stuffy you can't breath then the headache comes!  GEESE!!!

Stop back on Halloween to see what I made for the Two Treats One Trick Swap with Christine Edwards.  You will be scared!!  LOL!

Ciao Friends.....


South City Hues said...

Your ATCs for Red Lead are fabulous. Love the little frog on your charm. Take care of those awful sinuses!

Peggy said...

We want all your readers to know how much we LOVED your charms. The frog is adorable, and the charms are well done. Lots of compliments.

You rock, Bev!

The ArtCharmers