Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pictures are on the way!

Well, I didn't find my original camera cord, so I broke down and had my son pick me up a new one where he works...cost $4.  How cheap am I??

I guess I can afford it....just got a raise at work this week too!  I was totally thrown off guard and it was a significant one too!  I had anxiety for 3 days!!  I've been at my "new" job for a year and I really love being busy.  It was a good move!  My husband also got a raise last week and for about 3 days was all happy because he was finally making more than me...then POOF!  I guess I took the air right out of his protruding "I'm the man" chest.  No really, we don't take who makes what to heart....we are just grateful that we are working and can give to help others (and support our college-goer and high schooler - you know how that can be!).

Now that I've finished taking pics of all the book thongs and jewelry I've been working on and stashing, it will take a day or two or three to get all these pics posted.

I have also opened an Artfire account that I hope I can get up and running with some of the creations I've done.  I will have a mix of mixed media, jewelry and paper crafts to sell.

I've met a few new people these last couple of weeks as well.  I met a woman - Laurie - from Pittsburgh whom I met at the Three Rivers Arts Festival.  I love her work and you can see some of her limited pieces here and her blog here.  I was gazing at the line up for the Festival, contacted her and actually drug my husband with me the Saturday she was there.  What a great show.  If you didn't have a chance to go you should.  They actually cut the show in half so to speak.  There are artists the first week, then they change out artists for the second week so there are new people to see.  Soo cool!  I will try to go back again next year.

Last weekend I decided to go to the cottage, cut grass, pick up branches from all the wind/rain we've had, weed wack my ankle, do some crafting and antiquing -with NO MEN!  Yep, weed wacked my ankle and that was smarts!!  It looks like I got caught up in some barbed wire or something,

Went antiquing after the lawn work was done and the ankle wrapped.  Found some cool items and finally found the bead store in town.  What a wonderful place.  Let it Bead in Greenville. I met Kris who moved there from California.  We talked for a while and I wondered why she would move to little old Greenville from sunny cool California!  She left her sister at the store she worked hard at for 20 years to slow down a bit.  Kris is a real nice person and I hope to get to know better.  While in Kris' store, I purchased a pendant for a friend that someone in the area made. Then, with a little hunting, I found Melissa who made the cute pendant I purchased.  So I sent her an email and she responded!  Her likes are similar and she had a ton of cute projects at Kris' store but not for sale.  Melissa holds classes at a lake nearby and also has several sites for selling her creations.  Melissa's main blog is here at Honey Girl Studio.

Well, enough with the chit-chatting.  I know I promised not to yap so much.  Stop by the links I've given to you and check out these nice gals I hope to get to know better.  I think you will love their stuff as much as I do.  Drop them a line and tell them I sent you.  I am sure they would love the company!

Stay tuned for upcoming pictures.....

Until tomorrow.....Ciao Friends!


Scrap for Joy said...

First of all, Congratulations on the this economy, that's a great accomplishment! You must be doing a great job.
I looked at Laurie's work..beautiful! I missed the 3 River's show this year..every time I could have gone it was raining. I will have to check out the bead place in Greenville, too. David is up there a lot because he's on the board at Theil. Sometimes those small towns have the most interesting places!
Take care...thanks for visiting Bev!
(My room never looks this's all about staging! LOL)

Kudzu said...

yay for pictures!
sounds like you had a good weekend, and thanks for the links :D

Melissa said...

Hey Bev-
Yahoo for the raise! Congrats!
Thanks for the "shout out"!
Let me know when you'll be back at your cottage and maybe we can meet in Greenville for coffee.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bev....finally got a breather! Thanks so much for your kind words on my nice of you. Three Rivers is a great show! I love being's very profitable, too! I can't wait to see the photos of your new work. Keep in touch!