Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SWAPBOT A New Adventure

Ok, I have to admit it, I get bored quite easily.  I love trying new things - especially when it comes to crafting.  I can't get enough!  It is my out or "my time".  So I've been toying around for a while to join SWAP-BOT.  This is a place where tons of people do swaps of a ton of different crafts.  From postcards, to ATCs, to web sites, to altered items, you name it is probably here to swap.  It is quite a serious place too!  You are rated by your partner which Swap-Bot selects for you.  You don't send to the person who is to send to you - kinda odd if you ask me. 

There are swaps that are international and those by region.  You can sign up to do a one to one swap or a swap can be to several people.  You set a profile whom your swap partner can look to see what your all about - likes/dislikes.  There are strict requirements on some swaps - to eliminate flakers and deadbeats.

It has been a unique experience.  I only got one package that didn't follow the requirements, but instead of that person wanting a bad rating, she opted to send another package to make up for her short-comings.  It is very intense here.

Well, to make a loooong story short, here are a few of the quickie swaps I was in.  The first was a St. Patrick's Day ATC swap and this is what I made....

Next was a Faerie ATC swap. Easy peasy!
You can watch swaps that you are not sure of joining and you will get an email reminder when sign ups are close to ending. One I am currently watching - Altered Barbie! Kinda different. I found some on Flickr....this one could be quite challenging too.

I think I'll stay there for a while.  The only bad part (because of habitual flakers) you can't delete your account.  You can't use your same email address to start-up again.  They will find you!  LOL!!

Well, until tomorrow....
Ciao Friends!


Kitten said...

Lovely ATCs, Bev!!! And I know you won't have any trouble on SWAPBOT...interesting to know how they operate...thanks!

Vicki C said...

Super CUTE ATC's!