Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Showing off my THONGS!

Now that I have your attention!  HA HA!! Thong? RIGHT!!  I found out about these on the web somewhere. (Now that I'm older my memory is slipping -LOL!)  I thought it would be a neat little project and I could use one for the book I am currently reading.  So I made some.

This one I made for my friend Deb at Kitten Creates for my birthday giveaway. She was the winner with a roll of the die! (see a couple posts below.)
I think I've started something here!  Deb created some real cool thongs of her own.  See her post here.
This is a quick and EASY way to make a great gift for yourself or someone else. You can personalize them very easily!  I used Waxy Flax that I had picked up from my LSS super-cheap when they were going of business.  I cut a piece of thread about 18", added some charms and beads, a couple of knots, sealed knots with clear nail polish or the like, and bingo!  

If you decide to give it a try, link your photo here so we can see.  If you are interested in a quick, one-to-one swap, go to Deb's site or post here if your interested.
Until tomorrow friends.....CIAO!


Vicki C said...

Love them! Very Cool!

Kudzu said...

pretty! i can make these,too:D i'm putting it on 'the list' !

Kitten said...

Love your latest creations, Bev! I do hope we can get some interest going for a swap.

Frances said...

Neat idea Bev and I really like your site!!!

Angela Harris said...

HA:) What do you mean> You didn't order Cocoa pebbles? Yeah, I'm going through a transition period with packaging things from my shop and haven't found the right boxes to use yet :) I feel so unprofessional.
I did make the roses really really muted pink. I cant wait to see what you've done! It's going to be gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Cool thongs!