Monday, February 1, 2010

Vintage Finds & A Birthday Gift

While on the hunt for some vintage items for a recent swap, I went to my semi-local antique mall and found these.  The valentines I will scan and post, the crystals I used in my Very Valentine Swap with A Swap for All Seasons. 
 Before picking up that large bag of goodies for $3 I tried to check out what hidden treasures were inside.  To my surprise, this is what I found.
Once everything went through a  good cleaning, I found two sets of earrings for myself and a whole bunch of things to use in my crafting. A great find.
 The pictures are getting more current, so hold onto your seats!

This is what I sent my friend Joyce over at Scrap for Joy.  Her birthday was in January.
I used some vintage lace ribbon, background paper from a Somerset Studio magazine, and the doll was from a collage sheet from ArtchixStudio.  If you get a chance, stop by their shop.  They have some amazing things.
I also made Joyce this Choski Pin or kilt pin using charms, a charm made of scrapbook bubbles, and pearl piece from a set of vintage earrings that I disassembled.  Click to enlarge.
(This is another one of my non-paper crafting ventures. LOL!)

Until tomorrow friends....

1 comment:

Scrap for Joy said...

Lucky, lucky me!!!! I have the card and the pin on display for all to see! Love 'em! You got some interesting things in your box. I have to say though Bev, if you wear the banana earrings and parrot pin I won't meet you for coffee! LOL!
Thanks again for the wonderful card and thoughtful gift.
I'm working on Birthday stuff too...hmmmmmm.