Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowed in crop weekend

In a few more hours I will be leaving work, heading out for a girls crop weekend with my sister and a bunch of other crazy ladies.  What a way to be held up in a hotel, scrapbooking the weekend away? No men, no cooking, no cleaning, no driving to practice...just relaxation and creating!!  I can't wait!  It can snow all it wants cause I won't be going anywhere!!

I know you will miss me. LOL!  I will be checking in once in a while to see what everyone is doing.

Have a great creative weekend and be careful in all the snow!



Scrap for Joy said...

Hope you get there safely without incident and then....Party time! I can think of nothing better than to get snowed in during a snowstorm with crafting friends! WOW! Which group is this? Ohio? Wherever-have fun!

Jessica said...

You lucky duck, you. I'm anxious for a crop!

Kudzu said...

yay! have fun!
your pieces are such great works of art!

Kitten said...

So did you get snowed in? I hope you had an awesome girls' weekend & got home safely, too.