Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ok, enough is enough!


Just an update...I'm sitting in my living room with another 3" coming today on top of the 21"+ that left me and my sis stranded at a hotel that was supposed to be a wonderful crop weekend and the 3" that fell last night!


Here's how the weekend went....I thought it would be nice to rent a room at the hotel we were to spend the weekend cropping in a day earlier.  The weather man reported up to 6" of snow to fall.  Great, by the time we left on Sunday, the roads would be cleared and life as normal.  NOT!!  I left work at 3:00 and met my sister for dinner.  By the time we were done with dinner, we had about 3".  Not too bad...we made it back to the hotel and chilled.

We met Amy (the crop hostess) and she brought all her cropping things, and drinks.  No food.  That would come on Saturday along with the rest of the croppers.

We rented a movie in the room and chilled in the conference room and scrapped for a while.  It took Amy 3 hours to get home - a drive that would normally take about 45 minutes.

Then the airport closed.  The hotel is near the airport, so it was inundated with people seeking a place to sleep.  Amy gave up the rooms she had reserved for the rest of the group, because the forecast changed from 6" to 21" and no one was going to come and crop.

This is the cake we had to eat for our stranded weekend.  Chocolate butter cream icing - YUMM!!
This is what our crop room looked like without all our peeps *sniff*...
Here is sissy and all our stuff while we are cropping.
This is what it looked on Saturday as we are stranded at the hotel.  We opened the door in the conference room to the parking lot.  No way to get out here!

We also had to dig our cars out from the parking lot.  There was limited food.  We had cake, cookies, rice krispy treats, pop and the hotel breakfast that we stole more of our share to eat later.  Do you know how expensive hotel food is???  I had to eat something nutritious so I opted for a 6" deli sandwich- price $9!!  NINE DOLLARS!!  ARE YOU SERIOUS????

So we stuck it out and cropped the weekend away, worrying watching the news, trying to determine to stay Sunday night or try our luck to go home.  My sister had no electric since Friday, but had a wood burner, so her husband and triplets weren't totally stranded - it finally came back on on Sunday.  Our electric went out on Saturday morning and by the time I arrived home, our house was 40 degrees! With no other heat source, we shut off the water and drained the pipes.  I packed bags again and off to the Grandparents we went.  (We also had to shovel them out!)

So we shoveled enough to get the car in the drive and stayed the night in a warm bed. Next morning had to run and get RXs filled and shoveled some more.  Electric came back on on Monday  - yippee!!  So home we went.  Roads were still bad and iced over with ice pot holes!

Had to dump the whole fridge - one way to clean out your fridge and get more good food-right?  Unless when you go to the store to get the essentials, they are out!  NO eggs, milk, bread,  no chow mein, no nothing!  That means creative cooking!

No school all week and no school tomorrow - for high school or college.  Work left out early on Tues and my office closed today.   The snow is still falling.

Next, clearing the driveway and going over Grandparents to shovel some more!  I'm off to make some grilled cheese and soup for a hot meal before going out to shovel.

Hmmm, maybe I'll have to take off tomorrow???

Stay warm....and help your neighbor!


Lorie said...

Wow, just wow! That is totally a TON of snow!

Scrap for Joy said...

What a disappointing weekend you had! Except for the food issues, it wouldn't be too bad to stay in a hotel and not have to cook or clean for a few days. I am tired of the snow, too. I've been in since last Friday.....cabin fever! I got my valentines out but your BIRTHDAY card will be late. Did you know that you and Margie have the same birthday? I had to laugh about soup and sanwhiches...we had tomato soup and grilled cheese tonight and so did all of our kids in their respective states. We all got hammered with snow today. It's a good night for soup. Stay warm!

Kitten said...

I totally agree, Bev...this is WAY too much snow! Here in Cleveland, we were relatively lucky...ended up with about 16" or so throughout the 2 storms. We're getting a break today, but we're due for more snow throughout the weekend. I'm dreaming of warm sunny days back home in Southern CA...but they've had more than their share of rain this year, too. I'm happy you made it home safely & keep warm & dry.