Sunday, July 19, 2009


I'm back from my blog break, finally feeling a little less stressed from the busy June I had. The busy-ness even carried over into the first weeks of July, so I have a lot to share with you.

So pull up a nice comfy couch, put your feet up, and read on, it's gonna be a long one.....

The last week of May was Memorial weekend. I went on my usual ride to the antique store and saw this along the way.


The next week was more of this-

BASEBALL-with a losing team-UGH!

and continuing this-SOCCER-a better team...

And then a little fun...KENNYWOOD with the Triplets....

Don't you wish that's all that gas would cost?

Beautiful nostalgia.

Mark and a friend in Lost Kennywood making a big SPLASH!

The family enjoying the day...

Mark and the girls on the mini roller coaster in Kiddie Land.

A few days later....WE HAVE A GRADUATE - Mark!

In front of the house. With proud Mom and Dad. (How did my kids get so tall?)

With little brother Alan (doesn't look so little here!) In front of the "new" high school with a REAL diploma! Do you think he's happy?

Then a week later, we had a doosy of a storm. Look at the cool lightening picture I took from our front porch. I love storms and this one was quite amazing.

Well, I've been editing and composing for more than two hours now, so I think I will save more for tomorrow.

Until tomorrow friends....thanks for stopping by....


Lorie said...

Good to see you back! I'm glad you were doing fun things!

Scrap for Joy said...

Boy, you HAVE been a busy girl! As soon as our stamps arrive, I will let you know and we'll get together for dinner...probably next week if that works for you. Graduation is always such a bitter-sweet occasion-they are so anxious to be independant and we, as Moms, want to hold on just a little bit longer! Flea/antique shopping has not been good this summer...I think I need to go to where you shop! Glad you're back!

Jean Tuthill said...

You are a busy gal! Congrats to your son on his graduation, they grow up so fast, don't they? I love the picture of the lightening. We are supposed to have a storm tonight, I think I'll try that.

Vicki C said...

You have been busy girl! Lots going on for your this summer. Glad you have been enjoying it!! Thanks for sharing the photos... they were so fun to look at.