Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm just a little....

BURNED OUT! I think blogging and the Internet got the best of me. (or you might say the less of me) Along with all the swaps I signed up to do, upcoming graduation and preparations, college stuff, sports - baseball and soccer, and life in general....I've added a new job to the mix!

The opportunity became available due to someone retiring after 30 years with the company. I thought that after 10 years at my current job, and filling in on occasion, I thought this would be the only chance I would have to do something different, move up in the company a tad, and maybe add some spark to my life. You know the feeling when you do something too long and you can sit and daydream all day (like dreaming of crafting ALL DAY LONG) and still be able to get your work done cause it comes like second nature to you? Well, that was me.

Although I am excited to do something new, I am a little anxious. I've worked at my current job so long and because I am now considered "old" by some people, I find the move a little more stressful than normal. I think it's the "old" sign. You know, how, when your younger and the world is your oyster, the sky is the limit...blah, blah, blah....well, not anymore!! I know I won't have a problem doing the work, it's just learning new things and being under a new boss (kind of). I also have to deal with the Peri-"M" that I am in physically - I am almost sure of it! You know, not remembering the name of something so simple like apple or um...what was that again...hormonal crying, etc. Ya, that...and my AGE!! *sigh*

So, now I am training for the new job(I counted I have 2 1/2 weeks till the person retires), interviewing for a replacement for me, AND doing my own work. YES, a little stressful!! My June calendar is full! I think there isn't a day on the calendar this month that doesn't have something written in that little square on the wall staring at me!!

I am sooo looking forward to the week of vacation starting the end of the month before I'm on my own in my new job. Great timing and you KNOW what I'll be doing - hittin the bar!! *wink* LOL!!

I promise to be back soon with a catch up of all the things I've been up to. I'll post the swaps I've been working on, the vintage goodies I've found over the month(or so), and some life pictures. I've been downloading like a fiend, so all the pictures will be ready to post (which seems to be a big time eater for me.)

I hope you will still come back to visit.

Until tomorrow (or a couple weeks) friends....


Lorie said...

Wow girl! You've just got a ton going on! You know though, that is great, 'cuz it means your employed, healthy, and livin' life...woohoo! HUGS to ya!

Vicki C said...


Angela Harris said...

I know what you mean about getting blogged out sometimes. Everything in moderation :) Just came by to say Hi!! :)
~Angela Harris