Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Look, It's almost March!

WOW! How time just blasts by! Yes, I'm still here...didn't move or give up on my crafts (at least not yet!)

Here are some of the things that I have been doing the last 3 weeks...

Lunch with the LSS Girls

Reading - emails, books, internet

Creating - cards, tags, altered items, space for my stuff

My Birthday - end of story


Bingo at the Scrappy Chicks Valentine Crop

TAXES! All of them including DS who doesn't have a clue yet! (yippee a refund to pay for all my craft stuff! shhhh, don't tell my DH!!)

College paperwork - YUK!!

Estate sales/flea markets

Broke down and created a Facebook acct - yeah, another thing to read and keep up with!

Picture taking - it always seem to take so long to get them darn things out of the camera!

Trying to figure out how to change my blog template without deleting everything! (UGH)

TV watching and just vegging for a bit...could I be Web-burned out???

Hope everyone has had a LOVEY few weeks....I'll be back to post more of my creations real soon.

Until tomorrow friends...


Joyce said...

Hey Bev - Good to see you are back! I was starting to get worried about you. Sounds like you've been busy - very much the same as it's been here, too.
Glad all is well -
JoyceG in WA

Vicki C said...

Thinking of you and hoping you had a nice Birthday!!