Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lights out & Vintage book page

Well, it hasn't been a dull around here in the least bit. Unfortunately, right after the Steeler game on Sunday night - POOF! Lights went out! (luckily it was after the game!!) And they stayed off till 4 pm yesterday - about 17 hours! Now, I really feel for those affected by Ike.

Had to call off work....couldn't see a thing as we didn't have a fashlight nor battery in site! Mothers should know that kids EAT batteries - duh!! I pushed Mr. Highschool Senior out the door, then kid #2, only for him to return home after the bus driver said they had a 2 hour delay. Then, two hours later, by word of mouth, school was cancelled. "Gee, mom, what do we do now?" No computer, no TV, no house phone unless you have an old rotary or push button that plugs in directly to the wall. Next best thing - the cell. I was thinking the same thing....a day off work, can't see in the basement to craft, can't blog, can't watch Dr Phil or HGTV....and DH was also home. Trying to decide whether or not to go and get ice to fill the coolers....it was kinda numbing....We did manage to get 5 bags and as a result of the outage, I only lost a half gallon of milk and some half empty containers of things.....a great time to really clean out the fridge! (one chore accomplished!LOL)

Oh ya, Alan actually got together with the kids at the bus stop, played basketball and more misc. "Outdoor" games during the blackout, and they got together today too. Hmmm, do you think he will miss the PC??

And now for another vintage item. I got this on the Soccer tournament this summer up in Erie. It's a page from an old book and is kinda cute with some dry humor. It's nice if you are a fisherperson. It is pretty torn and fragile, so I scanned and cropped it for you.

Feel free to save it.

Until tomorrow friends....

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Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Bev~wasn't it weird to have all that wind and no rain? Sorry about your power outage-I know someone who won't get hers back till Thursday!! Lost everything in her freezer and fridge. There is something interesting about no TV, radio or computer....an excuse to read! Thanks for the image-it's great!