Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yep, still here!

Well, I hit "enter" and my post went out - duh!! You'd think I'd learn my lesson and not hit "enter"!!

Now, for the rest of the post! LOL!!

Yes, I'm still around. This past week has been getting adjusted to a number of life changes...Soccer and Baseball! Getting schedules coordinated, trying to relax and giving some space 'cause I not being able to watch my 16 yr old's baseball practice - he's now driving himself, and on a better note, going to soccer practice gives me an hour and a half of great quiet reading time - time to catch up on all my crafting magazines!! Whahoo!!

I am doing several projects though - sneak peeks coming soon! I'm in a group called SwapsNMore. Mostly you sign up for a certain elements of a scrapbook page like a title, tag, photo mat, etc. and based on new paper line releases and matching Bazzill paper. Then you should get all the elements back in order to create 2 pages (not including the base paper).

I signed up for Basic Grey's line Archaic and Cupcake and am doing two different tags for each. What fun! I've already got my one line done and started on the next. I will post pics later this week.

Oh ya, can't forget about cleaning - UGH!!! I H-A-T-E CLEANING!!!! I figured spring is here (or so they say, I could have sworn I saw flakes today!!) so I'd better start. Alan's B-day is at the end of the month and God forbid if family comes over to a dirty house- not necessarily a messy one!! (you know as well as I do you can shove stuff in an unused room and no one will be the wiser!! LOL!!)

Now it's time for Desperate Houswives - a new episode-finally!!! Gotta go...hopefully I'll post again before the end of the week...cross your fingers!!

Thanks for reading! Huggs!!

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Lorie said...

Hey, Bev! Glad to "see" you! I thought it was a little strange that BG's Cupcake paper didn't have any sheets with cupcakes...whatcha think? Have a great week!