Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tired of being sick...

I can't stand this!! Last Friday it hit me....I never get sick, never a sickly person..then WHAM!!!

I trudged to work, and finished the only necessary work I had to do....then home I went. In bed, like my head was about to pop off my shoulders - almost like a little daisy flower being popped off it's stem by a curious child! Head was clogged, headache, chills - definitely an infection. A SINUS INFECTION!! UGH!!!

I babied myself (in a house of men, that's about the jest of it) then I awoke on Saturday and HAD to go to my crop. I actually felt tremendously better. I even had a smidgen of mojo and got some pages done - felt pretty good.

Still on the aspirin regimen, I started to feel not so good on Sunday so I kinda took it easy.

By Monday morning, my stomach was upset, so I took off work. Then it was back to work Tuesday. Still stuffy, ears clogged, but I could function.....

Then came Thursday....a day and night of SNEEZING - CONSTANTLY!!! That darn my allergies started to kick in...wind blowing, it never ended.

Friday was horrible! Head stuffy, coughing, you name it, I had it! Worked last night till 8 which was great cause I don't think I would have made it till 11!

So we come to today...I didn't work and nothing was planned so I slept in....until 10, got up then snuggled back to bed cause my head just ached and I couldn't hear out of the one side of my head....and slept until 12!! Can you believe it??? 12 NOON!!! Well, came downstairs ate some breakfast, got a shower, got dressed, then back to bed and snoozed all day till about 4:00!

My mojo is lost, my house is a mess, and so am I! I'm feelin a little better now, that's why I'm writing, just so you know I'm still around. I still have one more day of the weekend...maybe my husband will take Alan to his double header soccer game tomorrow and I can get my mojo and house back into shape.

Boy I wish I had a maid - any volunteers?? LOL!!

Until tomorrow....


Lorie said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well! I'm so glad that you just took today to sleep and rest as that is exactly what your body needs. I'll be thinking of you and hope to see you back soon but make sure you getting better first! :o) (((HUGS)))

Scrap for Joy said...

Hope you're feeling better by now...can't miss the beautiful weather we're having this week. I won't be in on Wednesday-hubby's sinus surgery tomorrow so I'll be sticking around the homestead. Feel better!