Friday, March 14, 2008


It's Friday! The only other thing better about Fridays is PAYDAY!

My day today was a little better. I only got into a fight with a red pen at work and spilled my juice in my desk drawer - luckily it missed the checks I was stuffing! Still feelin a little reserved....probably will be a little better tomorrow!

Sorry my post yesterday was out of sorts - depression mixed with hormones is a horrible mix! Could the big M be just around the corner??? I hope not!!! Well, maybe..... :) It must be a bunch of things - especially to make me ball all night and into today! I only ball when I watch Oprah!!! LOL!!

I forgot my camera today so I'm not able to post my pics. I will definitely bring it here tomorrow and might post some tomorrow.

I'm here at the LSS working the crop - only two ladies left. Finished packing up my make & take cards so the ones I won't use tomorrow we can sell the kits - being I had most of everything together - why waste it right?

Working on tying a stupid bow on my cards I'm making for Easter.....I CAN'T STAND IT!! I tied two perfect - I mean perfect!! Then the third - YUK!! I must have tried 50 times - literally!!! So I am off to find a bow tying tutorial so I can practice and get it right!

Done for now....stop back tomorrow...the day maybe a little brighter....maybe...

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Lorie said...

No apologies necessary! We all have yucky days and if I were you yesterday I probably would have said the same things. for today I would have paid money to see you fight with a pen! LOL! Catch ya later!