Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another week....

Well, another week has come and gone. Let's see, it's been pretty crappy too! Must be hormones or just carma. I think it might be both!

What was so wrong with my week so far...hmmmm...let me tell into a fight with DH about my son driving and have been in the spare room for 4 days!! Why you ask? Over nothing! Lack of communication and impatience and attitude all rolled into one. I can't stand the immaturity of it all!!

Next, well, the spring crop on Saturday turned to....CRAP! Only ONE person signed up - ONE!!! Ok, so it's on the day the city has their St Patrick's Day Parade.....but it's an ALL DAY CROP!!! Oh well - I have to work the store anyway so it really doesn't matter.

I think my dog is dying - literally. He's been coughing for over a week and it's getting worse - this morning I had to clean the carpets before work. It's nothing that he would have caught because he's an inside dog. He's 12 and has a heart murmur so I think it may be the inevitable.

Last, but not least, I just removed myself from a stamp yahoo group today. I am not going to say who it is...anyone who belogs to that group and visits me knows. I left a message post they didn't like. A simple innocent request. It was as if I called their first born an ugly monster or something!! I was chewed up and spit out by the owner - even though they said they weren't mad....but how many times in an email do you put "MY" in it without some contension?? And the responses from some others were just rude! I'm new to some of this and a simple, nice, informative response was all that was needed. I have enough anamosity in my life and I don't need it from people I don't even know!

I have asked myself lately about a bunch of things...I must be kidding myself-right?! about this and that...Sometimes I just don't feel like I belong - to a lot of things...and chocolate isn't helping out either.

Maybe I will post some of the things I made for the crop make & take that no one will be there to make! I also made some gifts for the non-croppers too that I might post.

Tomorrow is Friday - an end to a long crappy week! I can sleep in on Sunday at least!

Hope you have a great weekend and a better next week!


Lorie said...

Oh, Bev! I'm so sorry about your week! Please send me your address so I can send you some smiles in the form of a card, k? (((HUGS)))

Jill Hilliard said...

Bev sorry to hear your week was so bad...right up there with my week this week. and no one signed up for one of my events at the Y so oh well. the display sign went up to late- what no one wants to make cards I say LOL. Be glad to know you are not the only one! Onward!