Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Valentine Tease

I am so excited about Saturday this coming weekend. A couple of us gals from my LSS are getting together for a Valentine Swap over brunch. Joyce, who is my partner in the swap has been so gracious to have this event at her home. Lord knows it would take me a year to prepare for this event if I had to have it at my house - think...3 men..YA, no comment!!! I even made an extra little gift for everyone. Now for the tease....

Now Joyce, I know you can't wait to see what I've created for you....I even added a little extra touch - I think it's a hoot (but it doesn't take much for me!! Ha Ha !) I had so much fun creating it!
To the rest of my readers, I will post the whole pic of the inside/outside and my special little gift after the brunch Saturday, so unfortunately, YOU will have to wait too!!!
I love my new set of "peeps" - I needed to give some time to ME and what a better way than by doing what you love with people who love doing it too!
What a great Birthday present this will be. Thanks for stopping by for the "Tease"!

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