Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday again?

Wow, how time flies when your super busy!!! This week was a busy one....

We got another car (used) and it's running fine so far (knock on wood!!)

It was extremely windy the other day and some siding came off our house (we weren't surprised and knew it was going to happen eventually - sucky contractor!!) My DH (insert dumb!LOL!) fell of the ladder trying to get to the roof to fix it. While Markie could fit thru Alan's bedroom window and tried. Seems as though sucky contractor doesn't know how to hang siding!!

Finished my Valentine swap things - a peek maybe coming. Finished my Bella Birthday Bonanza swap and mailed today - I'll post pics later. Swapped 50 images with someone in the group - they went postal today. Still working on my "Tag your it" tags (it's taking me a month!!) As soon as the tags are done, I will have some blog candy too!

Well, just a little to come hopefully this weekend. Blog candy soon! And if I can get a picture of me just right (which is me about 50 lbs lighter), I will have a pic of what I look like on my blog! How sweet, then you will be able to tell that I really don't look like a frog!!! LOL!!!

Have a great weekend! Thanks for readin'.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you posting again :)

Jessica Lynn said...

Have a great Satmpin' Weekend!

Jessica Lynn