Friday, January 25, 2008

Where am I??

Whew! It's been 10 days since a post! I've been soooooo busy that I can't get to sleep at night - LITERALLY!! My husband has his "white noise" machine going and it's like someone continuously drilling a hole in the wall!! I'm soo tired!

Hmmmm what have I been up to??? Well, me and some of the girls from the shop are going to be doing a Valentine Swap - so I have to make and fill a 12" heart. I will post after the party on the 9th so I don't ruin Joyce's surprise! I've been stampin images for some Bella buddies, working on my "Tag, Your It" packages and trying to figure out who's going to get one and I just maybe have some BLOG CANDY SOON!! I've been working on my Birthday Swap with my Bella buddies too! Working full time, doing life stuff, cleaning my scrap space, etc. Oh ya, how could I forget last weekend - LITERALLY Saturday AND Sunday - cleaning my oldest son's room - cleaning carpet, walls, and had 2 bags of garbage and 4 hampers full of dirty clothes and re-arranging furniture....he soooo owes me!!! Two weeks it will be Alan's turn...oh I just can't wait! LOL!!

My new job is going great - let's see, I've cleaned out a cupboard, re-arranged piles of paper, organized the new clearance table, and last night spent 2 1/2 hrs re-organizing the "old" clearance table. There were things there that I didn't even know she had and I had to buy!! LOL!!

***Hey readers in PGH....Your Memory Page has some great deals and Deb needs more room for new CHA purchases she's going to make....soooo, come in and check out the discounts!! Also check out her web page, sign up to get the newsletter and COUPONS!! Oh ya, don't forget to check out the classes too!! Now we have a Valentine class for kids 6 & up, a calendar class, Make & Take Tuesday, Cupcake crop on Wednesdays & weekly crop on Fridays - check out the on-line calendar or give the store a call or just stop by and visit!!

It's going to be a couple more days at least before I blog again...SCRAP WEEKEND IS HERE!!!! I haven't scrapped in such a long time - I don't know where to start and don't know what to take. My dilemma always!! I will definitely have to post some pages when I get back. Me and sis and my Creative Memories friends will be croppin' in our PJs, eating and drinking! YIPPEE!!!

Thanks for still looking....I hope to post some juicy stuff soon!


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