Thursday, February 21, 2008


Remember when your children were little and the milestones you looked for them to achieve were eating solid foods, walking, dressing themselves and going to the potty?? If you are only starting a family, you will know what I mean soon enough! Where did all that time go???

Now, as my children get older there are new milestones - some that I wish would come later in life - MUCH LATER!!! We know it's coming, dread the day when it arrives, then we keep telling ourselves that we need to let go.....let me tell you - it's soooo hard!

Well, yesterday, my son passed his driving test and today was the first day I let him take the car by himself. Another milestone. A BIG ONE!!!

He went to my sisters house to watch the girls while my brother-in-law went out so I let him go - by himself. It was like kindergarten all over again....watching my first child get on that big yellow bus and go off to school...all by himself - his mom weeping at the bus stop like a big baby!

Today, I watched him get behind the wheel, put his seat belt on and drive off. I kept the tears back (because my face would have frozen if I had started right then!LOL!). I went inside and called my husband at work and balled my eyes out! (he laughed at me!)

Now are the big steps in life...driving, college, getting married, and then children....I'm still holding onto the smaller steps as long as I can....then maybe I can start to ease my way into the bigger steps - I know it will take me a while.

My first baby is growing up....and mom is still crying like a baby!! (I'm even getting teary-eyed writing this)....until tomorrow's step....wish me luck!

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Janet P said...

I feel for you and wanted you to know that you are not alone. My oldest is graduating from high school this year and and my baby is takng drivers ed in March. I feel so sad that they grew up so fast. What happened to Mommy's baby boys; they turned into Men!

So dont feel bad, I get weepy just thinking about graduation day. Maybe I can persuade a local college into the mix... we moms do have our ways! :)