Thursday, December 27, 2007

Suffering Loss

You all are probably wondering where I've been for more than a week.....well, a lot has been happening in our lives, along with preparing for the holidays.

Sunday, the 16th, we all lost a friend - Mike Finocchi. My son plays Legion baseball with his youngest son Anthony. Mike loved baseball and motorcycles. He was so proud of his eldest son who plays with the Cleveland Indians' farm league and was molding Anthony to follow.

We met Mike a long time ago in little league when we were doing hitting practice at our local sport complex. He loved to coach little league. I hadn't seen him in years. By chance, I showed up to a high school baseball booster meeting, and at the end of the second meeting (which the board fell apart and I actually shouldn't have been there in the first place), Mike tried to vote me as President! Mike was all for doing what was right for the kids. Needless to say, we kept in touch sparingly about the boosters, and then he called one day, letting me know about Legion ball. From then on, we became good friends.

Throughout the last couple years, Mike had put himself out there for the boys. He helped organize fundraisers for the banquet the first year Mark played Legion ball. He volunteered me for the next year's fundraiser. It flopped due to a last minute date assignment and less than a week to get things together, and it rained. Mike had faith in me and we were able to raise enough money to at least get the kids meals for their double headers for the fall season. He gave us pointers on how to showcase our kids by his past experience and was always on the run, thinking of others.

He brought laughter and knowledge and we had a blast when he was at our games. Anthony has his sense of humor. Anthony is a senior and it will be the last time he will play in the spring.

Mike, we will save you a seat this season. Godspeed my friend and don't forget the free texting ;).


I was also reading the obits this morning, which I do just about every morning, and figured that I'd better download the whole month's worth being I've been on vacation. While perusing, I came across another loss...

My dear Creative Memories friend Amy lost her father-in-law on the 22nd. I knew he had been sick and living with them and was losing his fight. I want to send my sympathies to her and her family for this terrible loss during the holidays. She has 2 small children which this will be especially hard for them. I hope they remember the time he spent with them when they are older and can understand.

I had a sort of emptiness this holiday and am still dealing with the whole "death" thing. I think now I will have to find my book and finish it.....thanks for lending an ear.

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