Sunday, December 9, 2007


Oh well, the Steelers lost. Boo hoo! I'll have to take my LUMPS like a good girl. They just weren't in the game and didn't want it bad enough - I could see it in the players.

I finished cleaning a path through the garage yesterday and worked on the basement/laundry room for my new washer/dryer. Got rid of more garbage - what a relief that can be! Then I worked on some Bella cards for the challenges, then had to finish up for dinner....which I BURNT!! Why did I burn it??? I was busy downloading my pics to SCS, then started watching the game and then I heard the sizzle - not a good sign!!

I was able to save dinner, but not the game. After we ate and lost the game, I headed downstairs to sulk and work on my Christmas cards. I came upstairs to find more black card stock then I was drawn the the computer again.

I figured I just had to see what my Bella Sistah Angie had to write -gloating on the PATties win. :P Too bad she didn't place a bet with me! I guess I'll have to wait till next week.

At least I was able to accomplish a little decorating...Alan and I put out my lighted spiral trees and deer in the front yard before the storm last night(which wasn't a biggie anyway). My husband was supposed to hook up the electric for them and put up the rest of the outside lights but didn't. I guess there's always tomorrow as usual.

My next posts will be my Bella cards....thanks for the sympathetic ear...and thanks for stopping by....


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