Tuesday, November 20, 2007


As we break our backs cleaning our homes, grocery shopping to find that "Ultimate 25lb Bird", trying to figure out the ingredients to the stuffing we made last year, and making sure we have enough seats for everyone to sit in at the same time (no musical chairs this holiday *wink*), let us remember those who will eat alone, not have a gut-stuffing dinner with family and friends at a fully furnished dinner table with all the decorations and food selections, or those who are no longer with us.

Some of us try to fill the void of those people missing at our table by serving dinner with the dishes passed down to us or by using the recipe they used as you remember as a child.

We also try to teach our children to give to others to be thankful for what they have - even for the little things.

We try to pass our childhood memories on by story telling or scrapping. Now we are making our own memories as we pass them onto our children, and our children's children. We try to make our own favorite dishes from a new recipe that a friend gave us or we found in a cookbook that we hope everyone will like. In the end, it was just about being with those who mean the most-dirty house and all-and being thankful they were there.

I want to "THANK YOU" for being here. I want to extend a warm and cozy, safe and healthy, memory filled Thanksgiving to you - my relatives, friends, and blog readers whom I've never met - and the people around you that mean the most.


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